Earth Fire Paintings:  Stevens New Painting Inspiration!   

Jennifer Stevens has made a beautiful discovery of Lakota Earth Paint that her ancestors used for centuries to paint their clothes, tipis, and hides.  She wanted to figure out a way to paint with the beautiful rich earthy colors; she added the pigments to her Texture Gel Medium and that was the beginning of her new painting technique combining her new paint with her Oneida pottery designs, symbols, and raised bead work for her inspiration.  She is calling her unique style of painting, "Earth Fire."  Watch for more paintings and more will be available on this website soon!   

Entitled:  Earth Fire Series "Oneida Water Lily"

Inspiration:  Oneida Raised Beadwork

Medium:  Lakota Earth Paint, Texture Gel Medium, and Gold Acrylic Paint.

Size:  12 X 24

Crazy Horse Memorial

Custer, SD

Rochester Museum and Science Center Archives, Rochester, NY 

Jennifer M. Stevens, Artist, Researcher, & Instructor

Jennifer M. Stevens, Native American Contemporary Artist is most noted for specializing in Creating Oneida pre-historic, historic, and contemporary Oneida Pottery.  She is in essence a multi-medium artist that explores various medium as a painter, sculptor, photographer, and Jeweler. 

​Jennifer M. Stevens received Grant Awards from the Oneida Nation Arts Program: Artist Development Grant and was selected for the prestigious Regional Native Arts and Culture Foundation 2014 Fellowship Award.

Jennifer M. Stevens's "One Handful of Earth Exhibit October 29, 2015-August 21, 2016.  

Neville Museum, Green Bay, WI 

"The Creator"

Photograph and Sculpture by Jennifer M. Stevens (Her Father, Ernest L. Stevens Sr.'s Hands.)