Dubravka Zubovic and Jennifer Stevens:

OCAVA Certificate, with Ines Salazar, Soprano and Milena Kitic, Mezzo.

OCAVA Rome, Italy 2017

Monique Ziolkowski, Jennifer Stevens, and Adam Ziolkowski.

The children of Karczak Ziolkowski, Sculptor.  

Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer, SD 2017

Sure On This Shining Night

by Samuel Barber


Jennifer M. Stevens, is a lirico spinto soprano and vocal recitalist and soloist who trained both nationally and internationally for the past 25 years.  She has been fortunate to be accepted in notable voice studios and master classes with artists such as; Inci Bashar, the late Margaret (Drummond) Colbert (3/6/1935-12/26/2016), and most recently, Elizabeth Mannion; and internationally with sopranos such as; Francesca Patane', Cornelia Prestel, and Fiorenza Cedolins, including international Mezzos such as; Dubravka Zubovich and Milena Kitic during the OC Ars Vocalis Vocal Academy, Rome, Italy.  Stevens met Ines Salazar, world reknown soprano during her OCAVA summer program in Rome, Italy and was accepted to take voice lessons with Ines Salazar in Spring 2018.  Her instructors and audiences have described Ms. Stevens voice to be bel canto, Chiaroscuro, versatile with agility, smokey low notes with clear high notes and a coloratura upper extension.  She sings with a sensitivity that pours into her songs that touches even individuals that don't even like classical music and known to give her audiences chills up their spines and touches their hearts.    

Stevens was introduced to classical music early in her life given that she took piano lessons at age 8 years old.  It wasn't until high school that she started her private training at 17 years old with the late, Marshall Moss (4/19/1932 -5/19/2016).  She had her first vocal solo at age 8 at the Window Rock Elementary School, in Window Rock, Arizona and by middle school she started writing songs and lyrics, not knowing she had the potential to do this professionally.

2009 was a pinnacle time in Jennifer M. Stevens life because she was determining to continue her vocal studies and performing or not; instead she was propelled forward by amazing support to continue her musical journey not just as a singer, but as a classical contemporary composer as well; she is writing new works for recital!  Stevens was noted in the Encyclopedia of Native American Music of North America, as an "upcoming indigenous classical singer;" she is one of the very few Native Americans in history to be acknowledged as a professional classical singer.  Jennifer M. Stevens performed with the Green Bay Civic Symphony and the Green Bay Symphony Orchestra featuring three of her original songs.  Stevens writes Art Songs for Recital in both the English and Oneida indigenous languages.  One of Jennifer M. Stevens's goals in her life is to compose a book of art songs called, 21st Century Native American Art Songs For Recital, the songs would have both Native American and English translations. 

Stevens has produced and directed both Children's Community Theatre and a Common Ground Concert at the Meyer Theatre, Green Bay, WI; the concert was a huge success!  Stevens coordinated a concert of 100 Singers and Dancers fusing both Native American and European Music and Dance together.  Her goal was "Community Building Through the Arts," using music and dance to build that Common Ground.  There was approximately 950 people that attended the concert-A full house at the Meyer Theatre with performers such as; Kevin Locke, Flute Player and Hoop Dancer, Lawrence Harris, Opera Singer and Former Pro Football Player, Oneida Singers and Dancers from ages 2 years old and up, Kent and Emily Paulsen, Pianist and singers, and Jennifer Stevens, Soprano and Composer.  Stevens goal is utilizing the arts for positive change in the world, even in a small way.  Video clips of this performance were filmed for the following documentary; Jennifer M. Stevens was being featured for her singing, composing, and art in the documentary, Owe.la':  the Music Within Jennifer Stevens, produced by Eileen Littig and Dean Thomas, and video on Wisconsin Life:  Jennifer Stevens, produced by Fred Wessel; both were broadcasted nationally on PBS.

​Jennifer M. Stevens has received the Oneida Nation Arts Program Artist Development Grant for her Art and Music, First Nation Composers Initiatives Grant for her Singing and Compositions, the prestigious Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Fellowship award for her art, and recently participated in the OC Ars Vocalis Academy and student concerts in Rome, Italy, awarded $2,500 towards her tuition from the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation.  Stevens recently did a lecture on her singing and composing, and performed at the Crazy Horse Memorial both in concert, and sang her new Art Song sung in the Lakota language, "Wopila," (Giving Thanks.) the song translation in English is ," Giving thanks.  Thank you Great Spirit for a good day!" both in her concerts and on top of Crazy Horse Memorial to honor the Korczak Ziolkowski and his family, Crazy Horse, and my Native American Ancestors during a private viewing. 

​Ms. Stevens future performances are; the Club ItaloAmericano of Green Bay, performing the role, Dr. Electa Thomas, A Native American Healer in the world premier of the new opera, Pushed Aside:  Reclaiming Gage in Syracuse, NY, and for the CP Telethon of Green Bay on WBAY-TV2.   


Sopranos, Jennifer Stevens and Ines Salazar

OCAVA Student Concert, Rome, Italy 2017

The Lord's Prayer

by Albert Hay Malotte

Jennifer M. Stevens, Soprano & Classical-Contemporary Composer

Lirico Spinto E3-E6

International Opera Singers;

Ines Salazar, Soprano, Mezzos, Dubravka Zubovic

and Milena Kitic, with OCAVA Students-Jennifer Stevens, Soprano.

OCAVA:  Ines Salazar Master Class Rome, Italy 2017

Jennifer M. Stevens sang her song in Lakota, both in her concerts and on top of Crazy Horse Memorial, "Wopila."  She was singing in Lakota, "Giving Thanks!  Thank you Great Spirit for a good day."  

Jennifer M. Stevens

​Soprano & Composer

Rehearsing at Crazy Horse Memorial,

getting ready for her concerts!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow 

by Harold Arlen

Ave Verum Corpus 

by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart