Li.F.E. Wellness 

Workshop Descriptions:

Life Force Energy & Spiritual Maintenance                                                                                         
An introduction to Life Force Energy and Spiritual Maintenance, and how to apply Life Force Energy through clearing and healing for improved health and happiness.

Shedding Light On Our Challenges                                                 
An introduction to Life Force Energy and how we can apply it in our lives to better cope with life’s struggles, stress, anxiety, and depression.  (Encouraged to attend:  Life Force Energy & Spiritual Maintenance.)

Intuitive Empath 101:  Coping & Understanding Your Gifts                                        
An introduction to Intuitive Empath, identifying the characteristics, better understand, cope, and develop your gifts.  Intuitive Empaths are the “Sensitives,” in the world who have a heightened awareness both physically and intuitively to other’s emotions, energy, thoughts, and feelings.

Relationships Through An Energy Frequency Perspective                                                 
An introduction to having a deeper understanding of our relationships through an “Energy Frequency Perspective,” and learning to recognize frequencies in our relationships as tools to improve them.

Emotional Balancing Through Energy Healing

​An introduction to applying Life Force Energy Healing and extracting emotional energy build up, emotional balancing and a focus on our 2nd Chakra. 

​Back Battle Relief

An introduction to applying Life Force Energy Healing to extract energy build up in our backs using energy healing and a tree meditation.