"I don't believe in medicating our problems... I enjoy striving to find the core to a person's issues and concerns, so my clients have other options to meet their needs for their improved health and happiness."  

~JenMarie Stevens



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Reading Fee plus a $10.00 Travel Fee for local addresses within 10 Miles.

More than 10 miles; Mileage, Travel Expenses, and lodging (If necessary) as well.  

Parties & Special Events:

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Psychic-Medium, Palmistry, Astrology, Past-life, and Aura Sketch Readings.

Available also for Inspirational Speaking & Workshops.


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Jennifer M. Stevens, also known as "JenMarie," is a professional Indigenous Intuitive Reader, Medium, Life Coach, and  Healing Practitioner.  She is known as a versatile Reader and Energy Healer who fuses both Eastern (Japanese-Reiki) and Western (Oneida/Lakota) Healing Techniques.  Intuitive-Medium with a focus on Health & Wellness, Relationships, Career, Travel/Relocation, Past-Lives, and Spiritual Guidance.  She was certified in Reiki I & Reiki II under Julie Rickard, and trained under Bruce Elijah, Oneida Indigenous Healer of Canada; little over 20 years ago.  She enjoys using Eastern, Japanese and Western, Native American energy work and healing modalities and focuses on clearing and healing for her clients. 

Her specialties are working with clients coping with stress, anxiety, depression, pain management both emotionally and physically, and spiritual energy maintenance such as; clearing, balancing, recharging, and healing.  Due to her extensive training in singing for 25 years as a classical singer she has an innate understanding of singers; she also able to work with singers and performers energetically.  Stevens is also a wonderful coach for individuals with "Intuitive Empathic," characteristics; she knows the subject quite well being born as one herself.  Not to mention, considered a very genuine, loving, compassionate, honest, uplifting, and professional practitioner.

JenMarie is a firm believer that human beings are "Multi-dimensional," and when it comes to a person's health, "all aspects," needs to be examined vs. just going to a Doctor who in many instances; only specialized in physical solutions vs. explore other possibilities, and spiritual can be one of them.  Medication is not the only solution for our health; what a Doctor may not figure out; an Energy Healing Practitioner and Medical Intuitive just might.  A "Medical Intuitive" is not claiming a person has a license in the Medical field, it is a description in the "metaphysical world," that classifies the abilities the Intuitive has; in this case JenMarie's specializes in "health" for her readings.  Stevens has a rare ability to get intuitive insights on a person's health, the cause, and able to sketch the issues and concerns for her clients; she calls "Energy Sketch Scans." They are basically Energy X-rays that she uses to show her clients what they need to be aware of and guides for her energy work sessions.      

Stevens believes that we get compressed energy and when it is not filtered and released properly it can create energy blocks; therefore, can transfer into physical ailments.  JenMarie, although young in her career has 25 years experience; she is noted for delving deep and seeking what the source of the problem is-then you are able to look at other potential solutions. 

Stevens's readings are primarily focused on "Healing: Health & Wellness," and she strives to assist her clients in finding life direction and their life's purpose and most importantly, improved health and happiness.  She was made aware of her intuitive and healing gifts since she was 15 years old, while keeping it private for many years, she has decided she was ready to work with people professionally; encouraged by family and friends.

On a lighter note, JenMarie loves to do readings for parties!  She enjoys doing Psychic-Medium, Palmistry, Astrology, Past-life, and Aura Sketch Readings.  The host of the party gets a free reading.  


Payment Methods:  
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JenMarie Stevens

Indigenous Intuitive Reader & Energy Healer

Versatile Reader and Energy Healer fuses both Eastern (Japanese-Reiki) and Western (Oneida/Lakota) Healing Techniques.  Intuitive-Medium with a focus on Health & Wellness, Relationships, Career, Travel/Relocation, Past-Lives, and Spiritual Guidance.  

Aura Portrait of Stacy Tripp, Medium:  Watercolor

by JenMarie Stevens 2016

​​Aura Portraits 

by JenMarie Stevens 

Aura Portraits by JenMarie Stevens include an "Aura Overview" for each Aura.   The Color Pencil Sketch is not as time consuming as the Watercolor painting.  

Going National Rates for Aura Portraits are $150.00; JenMarie's rates are $100.00 and less!
Portrait Sent by Mail.  
$5.00 Shipping & Handling Fee.
Portraits Sent Via E-Mail:        No Fee
Plus 5% Tax.

Special Note:  Give up to 2 weeks to complete and send paintings.  Aura Portraits are done on Acid Free Paper.


“Jennifer Stevens is an amazing, truly gifted, all encompassing reader that really goes above and beyond other readers!! I was instantly at ease and felt a warm, truly caring, and friendly connection. She is a one of a kind reader and sincerely wants to help her clients!!”
-Kisus Metoxen

"JenMarie is amazing. She explains everything she is doing with great clarity and is able to connect with you quickly and pin point areas to notice. Then she thoughtfully teaches you techniques to help you maintain your own health. "

“As I was preparing to move my family to a different state to start a PhD program, Jennifer's reading helped calm me and gain perspective during the strenuous transition. I was also experiencing severe neck pain due to a stressful job. Jennifer did a Reiki session and I had no neck pain the next day! It was amazing and healing! I need more."
-Cary Waubenascum

"I felt comfortable the second I met her, and she definitely is someone I feel I can confide in when it comes to any life matter. I always feel very relaxed, happy, and content with my life after every healing session or reading I have with her."
-Alyssa Ploetz

"She is a beautiful soul and delivers her beautiful gifts for the highest good of her client. My reading was spot on. She also aligned/shifted my energy.  She's the REAL deal.”
-Nancy Margis

“She has a soft touch when it comes to the work she does with her hands. She is a great listener and always finds the right words to say to heal my soul.”
-Kayla Steiner

 "JenMarie is a gifted individual with access to a variety of healing modalities that empower and educate her clients to their own path of light and wellness."
-Darlene Denny, Business Owner
Turtle Island Gifts

"My experience with JenMarie’s Readings have been both enlightening and comforting.  The feeling I get from her is one of sincerity and honesty.  She has a very warm and nurturing soul." 
-Joseph Torres, Manager,
Turtle Island Gifts

"She is a Universal Woman. We trust her with her Healing, Readings, and Life.”
"Jennifer's readings are sincere, kind, and gentle. She is diverse and knowledgeable in many areas, and can help others reach their goals, along with healing your broken heart."
-Kim Staszak

"This is my story... I had slipped and twisted my back in mid. April, 2016. I could barely walk and I was in tears from the pain most of the time. My Chiropractor recommended me to go to a doctor or specialist. I had developed drag foot and my chiropractor said that I may limp like that the rest of my life when I walk.  My thoughts were to try natural healing one more time. I asked my friend Kathryn if she knew anyone who could do Reiki or something?  She suggested JenMarie Stevens. I scheduled an appointment and had two hours with JenMarie. The day I had my appointment with her I could hardly walk, sit or stand. I feel that what JenMarie specializes in really works because I can walk and I am back to 100% because of natural healing. And JenMarie was the biggest part of that natural healing.... Thanks to her!!!"              
-John VanDerra