Jennifer M. Stevens is an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin and member of the Oglala-Lakota Nation of Pine Ridge, SD and has German, Irish, and French ancestry.  She is from the Wolf Clan and her Oneida Tribal name is, Wakohsi.yo' (Pronounced Wah?-goh-seee-yoh and describes a Peacock.) given to her by her grandmother, Maria Hinton, award winning Oneida linguist and educator, and author.  She is the youngest daughter of Ernest L. Stevens Sr. and the late, Patricia A. (Brewer) Stevens.  Ms. Stevens has been inspired by a very dynamic family of nationally known leaders and educators.  

Ms. Stevens is noted for her intrigue with the arts since she was very young and has developed her skills in not just the visual arts, but in the performing and healing arts for the past 25 years. The love for the arts inspired her to call her small business, Wakohsi.yo' Visions: Visual, Performing, & Healing Arts feeling each art form is much like the fan of a Peacock's tail. Stevens's grandma, Maria Hinton, explained to her that she gave her the name because she had, "Good ways about her-Beautiful ways about her." Stevens's life muse is striving for "Community Building Through the Arts," creating a ripple effect with her family, friends, and communities even in a small way.

Jennifer M. Steven's education has been challenged at the beginning being diagnosed with a learning disability but her education unfolded to some wonderful experiences.  She attended St. Norbert College and studied Vocal Performance and Studio Art, under the tutelage with two nationally known Master Oneida Potters, Rose Kerstetter, Oneida and Peter B. Jones, Seneca/Oneida/Onondaga, and trained in classical singing with notable voice teachers both nationally and internationally such as; Inci Bashar and Elizabeth Mannion, and the late Margaret (Drummond) Colbert, and internationally in voice lessons and master classes with Sopranos, Francesca Patane', Cornelia Prestel, Milena Kitic, Fiorenza Cedolins.  Her education ranged from various mediums of the arts, classical singing, and even in holistic healing.  Higher education, developing her skills, and embracing various educational opportunities has been a major part of Stevens's life.  She has proven that some children see and experience the world differently, but very capable of excelling in their lives.

Furthermore, Stevens's story can be seen in two videos that were broadcasted nationally on PBS.  She was a featured artist, singer, and composer in the documentary,': the Music Within Jennifer Stevens, produced by Eileen Littig and Dean Thomas and Wisconsin Life:  Jennifer Stevens, produced by Fred Wessel.

​Jennifer M. Stevens has received the Oneida Nation Arts Program Artist Development Grant for her Art and Music, First Nation Composers Initiatives Grant for her Singing and Compositions, the prestigious Native Arts and Cultures Foundation Fellowship award for her art, and recently participated in the OC Ars Vocalis Academy and student concerts in Rome, Italy, awarded $2,500 towards her tuition from the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation, and $250.00 Sponsorship from the Club Italo-Americano.  Stevens recently did a lecture on her singing and composing, and performed at the Crazy Horse Memorial both in concert, and sang her new Art Song sung in the Lakota language, "Wopila," (Giving Thanks.) the song translation in English is ," Giving thanks.  Thank you Great Spirit for a good day!" both in her concerts and on top of Crazy Horse Memorial to honor the Korczak Ziolkowski and his family, Crazy Horse, and my Native American Ancestors during a private viewing.

​Ms. Stevens recently performed; the Club ItaloAmericano of Green Bay, performing the role, Dr. Electa Thomas, Onondaga-Native American Healer in the world premier of the new opera, Pushed Aside:  Reclaiming Gage in Syracuse, NY, and for the CP Telethon of Green Bay on WBAY-TV2. 

Thank you to my Sponsors to attend

the OCAVA Summer vocal program 2017 in Rome, Italy:

Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation

Kress Family

Club ItaloAmericano

Eileen and David littig

Janice Gult

Jerry Hill

Dr. Sergio Heredia

Sonya Franklin

Karen Stohre:  9th Street Wellness Center

Everyone Who Was Supportive!!!

Videos':  the Music Within Jennifer Stevens

Wisconsin Life:  Jennifer Stevens

Jennifer M. Stevens
Visual, Performing, & Healing Artist
Wakohsi.yo' (Wah?-goh-seee-yoh)

Peacock:   "It Has a Beautiful Long Tail"

"With all the challenges of the world today, my life muse has become to focus and strive for "Community Building Through the Arts," creating positive ripple effects with my family, friends, and communities even in a small way through my creative expression. I feel that music, art, energy healing, and spirituality is so powerful and needed in our communities to create a better world for our future generations."

~Jennifer M. Stevens

Visual, Performing, and Healing Artist